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Fitter is a multi-purpose workout and program builder enabling trainers to build, brand and deliver workouts, programs and nutritional content to anyone, anywhere. All through their own app. We are offering Fitter for FREE while the shutdowns are in place. Sign up now


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Trusted by world class trainers to deliver health and fitness content

Your own app. Instantly.

Generate your own custom app

Fitter is enabled by web technologies, allowing us to build your own app instantly, without the need for app stores.

Full white label customisation

Your brand, your content, your app. Set up in under an hour ensuring you have brand consistency maintained.

Easy to build workout

Add timed rounds, reps, sets and goal workouts - it’s all there.

More than just workouts

Insert nutrition information, recipes and articles in minutes and place them inside your daily program.

ready made content

Hundreds of exercises, and recipes readily available for you to add to your program to get started quickly

Easy integration with youtube and vimeo

Link your Youtube or Vimeo videos into the fitter to use in exercises and articles.

Provide daily updates

Daily stream so that you can display your latest info within the app – i.e. workout, meal, article, coaching tip of the day.

Total content control

Deliver your content to one or many. Offer free public programs or private programs to invite only subscribers.

No app store restrictions

By bypassing the app stores we are able to add new features and value quickly without the need for store review wait times.

Easy Distribution

send by email, sms, or by posting a link to your social media  account, allow members and followers to access instantly.

Deliver your content

Your own app for any type of content

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Fitter + Nutrition

Balance your training with quality nutrition and meal ideas.

Pair with a nutritionist and create your own articles and meal ideas to round our your programs, or use our house made content.


Your fitness brand, your people, your way.

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